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One of our key objectives is to consistently deliver technical excellence to our clients and our employees. We believe that a strategic commitment to this throughout our organisation sets us apart. At the highest level within Senergy we are capturing knowledge and creating an environment where best practice is the norm.

We believe in developing our people and our capability together. Where our clients wish to do so we will equip them with the tools to develop their own capability.

Client focus and partnership

When we embark on a project with our clients we share their objectives. We create value by aligning our solutions and services in the way that best fits that particular client and their asset.

Organisation and people

Our organisation is structured to facilitate better delivery for our clients at all levels. We have established operations in many regions of the world and developed regional capability with specialist skills best suited to the unique challenges faced by our clients in those regions.

All of our technical people have access to the shared knowledge and expertise that is an inherent part of an organisation that has built up a team who are the best at what they do.

Infrastructure and technology

Senergy is committed to providing a world-class global IT infrastructure to employees and clients. All of our global offices are interconnected using high-speed, secure and robust private networks, giving employees the opportunity to communicate and pool resources regardless of location.

In-house developed secure websites offer the ability for Senergy clients to register and login to live projects for uploading and downloading files via our drop-box system. We have also developed bespoke websites for individual clients based on project requirements.

Much of our work for clients is conducted as part of an integrated project from our offices. Our infrastructure enables our consultants to have ready access to the industry-leading technical software packages relevant to our services. We facilitate access to over 200 software products in support of our customers and projects.

In addtion to using best in class technology and industry standard applications and procedures, we foster an environment of innovation where our technical teams are continually developing improved technologies which enhance our ability to deliver a great product. These technologies include software, new services and innovative ways of working.